What is Paleo?

What is the paleoith—palol—Paleo Diet you ask? “Palaeolithic” is basically the era in which prehistoric humans created stone tools, which is why this diet is also often referred to as the “caveman” or “stone-age" diet. Before you get out your stone club; the core of the Paleo diet simply focuses on the lack of processed foods & grains. 

This diet isn’t necessarily about ruling out fat or carbohydrates, but instead only eating foods with high nutritional content. A good rule of thumb - “if it looks like it was made in a factory, don’t eat it.” Easy staples of this diet include; meat (including seafood & poultry), eggs, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats & oils, sea salt, spices, nuts and seeds (basically anything a hunter-gatherer from way back when would bring to the stone-table).   

Here’s some extra good news – wine, specifically quality red wine, is high in antioxidants and other nutrients, therefore it’s deemed acceptable in the paleo diet, along with 70% or higher cocoa dark chocolate. Saving the best news for last; Empire Jerky is also paleo friendly. Made from prime cuts of 100% grass fed Australian beef and marinated exclusively in no more than five fresh, locally sourced natural ingredients, Empire Jerky is about as paleo as you can get!

Jay Jay
Brisbane based jerky lover, marketer and fan of almost all sports.

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