The rise of an empire

Pushing the limits of small batch jerky production

Empire Jerky was conceived with a single goal in mind, to produce truly gourmet beef jerky comprised of the highest quality ingredients possible at a scale that would allow us to reach both jerky lovers and people new to jerky in a nation-wide capacity.

After months of planning our home base was established in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, the game was afoot. Empire directors with extensive experience in both small batch jerky production and large scale business operating worked around the clock over the remainder of 2018 to build a unique facility capable of producing hand crafted jerky from fresh produce and restaurant grade cuts of 100% grass fed Australian beef to the highest possible standards of safety, quality and taste.

Our Operation

Empire Jerky has made its home in Bowen Hills, Brisbane QLD. Our production facility is the culmination nearly a year of planning and is comprised of some of the most technologically advanced jerky production equipment available.

Our focus is not on mass-production, each piece of equipment has been custom built or ordered to allow us to retain our hand-crafted approach to creating marinades, trimming our beef, hand slicing and inspecting each piece of jerky prior to being packaged into the highest quatliy pouches in jerky prodution today.


Bringing the highest possible quality beef jerky to new markets and the homes of jerky lovers is the core of our vision for Empire Jerky. You won't find us in your local supermarket or at the service station but as a treat to stumble across on the shelves and bars of businesses that share the same values as we do.