What it means to be truly gourmet

The concept of a "gourmet jerky" is far from new. While some products are marketed as gourmet, we feel that being truly gourmet means more than just using 100% grass fed beef and avoiding artificial ingredients or preservatives (things now considered minimum requirements for non-mass produced and hand crafted jerky).

The word gourmet is synonymous with fine food, as such every ingredient used in Empire Jerky, from our 100% grass fed rump beef, fresh hand-peeled garlic and our cold-pressed lime juice have been chosen to bring true meaning to the gourmet label.

100% Grass Fed RUMP beef

flavourful, restaurant grade steak

While using 100% grass fed beef is important to us, chances are you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The secret however is in the cut. Rump beef has the most flavour of all lean cuts and is far superior in terms of flavour and tenderness than topside, eye of round or any number of cheap cuts used to produce jerky that minimise cost and preparation time.

Rump beef is far more time consuming to process, with a rump being comprised of several groups of muscles that need to be broken down and trimmed prior to marinating. With a tiny amount of marbling retained we seal our jerky in nitrogen to preserve freshness and provide the best end product possible.

fresh ingredients

cooked to perfection

A truly gourmet experience needs to be comprised of the best ingredients possible. Hand peeled garlic accompanies our proprietary gluten-free soy sauce, fresh habanero and jalapeño peppers, cold pressed lime juice and smoked Australian peppercorns each bring our unique flavours to life naturally.

Our ingredients are blended, brought to a boil and simmered to unlock their natural flavours; a step that is performed for each and every batch, providing a unique depth of flavour that is unsurpassed.

"Mother Nature is the true artist and our job as cooks is to allow her to shine"
- Marco Pierre White.

Nothing Artificial

For the health conscious

There are two main reasons to use artificial ingredients in your products; firstly as a cheap method to add flavour - something both the quality of our ingredients and our marination technique allow us to avoid, and the second is for safety.

Empire Jerky is produced to the highest standard with some of the most advanced technology available in the industry for controlling temperature, humidity and checking water activity levels. This allows us to confidently produce safe and healthy jerky without any artificial preservatives or curing agents.

Product of Australia

Supporting australian farmers & producers

Our decision to produce jerky made from 100% Australian ingredients certainly made our job to redefine jerky even harder, however we stand by our decision and are proud to support local and national businesses.

From our custom-made gluten free soy sauce to our water from the aquifers beneath Cooroy Mountain, each and every ingredient in Empire Jerky is sourced locally first or nationally second.